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About Willing Ponies

Renae is passionate and dedicated to the education and training of ponies suitable for children of all riding levels and ages. Renae is lucky enough to be able to ride ponies as small as 10hh.

This is an amazing opportunity especially for parents who need a safe and well educated pony especially for a beginning rider or a rider gaining confidence.

How Willing Ponies can Help You

Renae trains and educates ponies as small as 10hh due to her petite build. Ponies are then educated with a rider suited to their size and this results in better educated ponies for children.

Renae can provide all aspects of education at Balleroo or alternatively can come on a regular basis and provide consistent riding, training and education at home.

Willing Ponies Benefits

A well trained and educated pony is invaluable when your child is developing their riding skills or moving off being lead. Balleroo Willing Ponies are able to provide a foundation of quality training in a educational and busy environment.

These benefits mean children’s ponies from Balleroo are well education, well ridden and exposed to a range of different situations.

A limited number of Willing Ponies are available each year to approved homes at the completion of training with Renae. These ponies are especially trained to be first ridden.

If you are interested in a Balleroo Willing Ponies please register your interest via email.

Want to Find Out More about Willing Ponies at Balleroo?

We are always happy to answer any questions or provide more information.