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Balleroo Pony Education Centre operates from the same location with trainer Renae Tucci.

Balleroo Pony Education specialises in the training of ponies for performance and pleasure work.  Renae covers desensitisation, groundwork, starting under saddle and general ridden work, and all training is done in a calm, non-threatening way on the family property in Wooroloo.

Regardless of the discipline the pony is intended for, the foundations of it’s training are the same.

Renae has been trained and worked with horses in Australia and the USA over a period of years.




Renae works within the pony’s capabilities and discusses any complications experienced during their training with the owner so that this knowledge is maintained for future reference. She ensures that both her and the owner have a clear idea of what is required within the set time frame, and that the goals are realistic. The owner is updated regularly on the pony’s progress and she is happy for the owner to make an appointment to come up and observe while she is working with the pony.

Renae uses a variety of natural horsemanship methods in her work so that the owner ends up with a calm, happy pony who has been exposed to as much as possible in the time available.

The centre is located on a working property so there is always machinery, trucks, cars, motorbikes, cows, dogs and the general hustle and bustle of a riding school going on. The horses live within this environment so there is no “push” to get them desensitised to individual components in isolation. Once the training period is over, Renae will make an appointment for the owner to come and work with her and the pony, to become familiar with the way in which the pony has been trained. She spends time covering the basics of what the pony has learnt so that a consistent message will be maintained once the pony gets home, giving the pony and the owner the best chance of success.

Renae’s slight build enables her to ride small ponies, something which many trainers are unable to do. The word “horse” may not be mentioned here, but we do take them on for training as well, we take horses up to 15 hands, following the same process as with the ponies. Miniature horses and ponies, or other equines not suited to being ridden are also welcome for desensitisation, groundwork and general handling.

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